Providing personalised support to include and empower
individuals with complex disabilities.

Providing personalised support to include and empower
individuals with complex disabilities.

We are registered as an NDIS Service Provider!

At SEQUAL we believe every person has the right to a rich and fulfilling life, and take pride in ensuring our support plans are tailored to individual needs and desires.

Every person is unique. SEQUAL’s individualised service model allows us to be highly adaptable and plan focused – enabling uniqueness to flourish.


Our professional staff are men and women from a variety of backgrounds, united by a friendly attitude and belief in providing quality service.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles in Brisbane

Our vehicles ensure our clients are in a safe and comfortable mode of transport while they’re out and about, on their way to exciting daily activities.

Our employees are expertly trained in providing personalised care, and are supported by a fleet of vehicles that have been customised to cater for a wide range of disabilities and wheelchairs.

How cool is this??

Navability is an app for wheelchair users to better navigate surfaces and gradients while identifying obstacles.  It also calculates the best route for a wheelchair user.  Many of our staff use this app when supporting people to access their community.

Who is SeQual

SeQual organisation stands for seeking quality, and was formed in 1999 by a group of parents and professionals concerned about the low level of support available after school to their adult sons and daughters with disabilities. SeQual met this need by establishing an organisation which has grown to provide high-quality support for adults with a wide range of disabilities living in the northern and inner east suburbs of Brisbane.

We Offer Individualised Supported Holidays!


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