SeQual and the NDIS

The new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will be rolled out throughout Queensland over the next three years. This National Scheme is a revolutionary reform that will change the way disability support and therapy services are funded and delivered.  It is based on a system similar to Medicare that will allow persons who need supports and therapies to be able to access these.  It also offers choice and control for the participant to choose how and with whom they would like to spend their funding package with. As an insurance scheme it looks at funding supports and therapies that will produce the best long term outcomes and developing opportunities for independence,  participation and productivity.

The NDIS rolls out in the Brisbane region in July 2018.  Call Kellie or Blaire now for further information on how SeQual can support you!

SeQual  are approved under the NDIS in Queensland to provide:

Personal Mobility Equipment

Plan Mangement

Assist-Travel/ Transport

Therapeutic Supports

Support Coordination

Specialised Driver Training

Participate in the COmmunity

Development of Life Skills

Personal Activities (High)

Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

Innov Community Participation

5 things you should know about the NDIS