Our Services

SeQual offers individualised services tailored specifically for our clients. Clients receive a plan focussed on their own needs and wants, which allows us to cater for a wide range of disabilities as well as ensure that our clients are doing activities and attending events that they enjoy and are excited about.

Every person is unique, and SeQual’s individualised service model means that this uniqueness is allowed to flourish. It also allows us to be highly adaptable, and update in real-time the care we provide if the needs or interests of a client change. Our primary priorities at all times are the safety, comfort and happiness of our clients, and our care plans are designed to maximise these important outcomes as well as create an environment in which our clients feel at home and part of a community. Our staff training emphasises empathy and friendliness, as well as a quick-thinking ability to safely handle any situation that might arise.

We also provide 24-hour in-home support and drop-in support for our clients, and maintain a fleet of vehicles that have been customised to cater for a wide range of disabilities and wheelchairs. These vehicles are an integral part of our service model, and provide safety and comfort for our clients while they travel around Brisbane.

We also offer Support Coordination services!