SEQUAL has outstanding team members who deliver high-quality supports and services for each of the people we support. We have leaders at all levels of the organisation who have demonstrated capacity to plan and execute new ways of working in response to the challenging issues presented this year.

The People and Culture Team has supported SEQUAL’s employees through a range of change programs, the implementation of new systems and processes and the ongoing pandemic situation. We have also faced unprecedented challenges in the recruitment space.

SEQUAL People and Culture Team

SEQUAL People and Culture Team

Key Achievements

People and Culture Team had a busy and reactive year. Key achievements for 2021-22 included:

  • High volume recruitment resulting in quality candidates during an incredibly challenging recruitment market.
  • Provided support and advice at all levels during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • ELMO – GO LIVE with recruitment and onboarding modules.
  • Process improvement initiatives across recruitment, WHS, workforce planning and service delivery.
  • 24-hour first response turnaround time for HR and WHS-related queries received in person, via phone and/or email.
  • Organisational and external benchmarking for all positions to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provided high-quality support and guidance to CEO, Executive Team and employees with human resource-related activities including Modern Award changes and interpretation, organisation structural changes, leadership development, recruitment, conflict resolution, WHS matters, terms and conditions of employment, and general human resource-related matters.


The Year Ahead

One of the main focuses for People and Culture Team in the next 12 months will be to create a great employee experience. The team is building a service model to enable SEQUAL offering meaningful career pathways and development opportunities for all employees. We are also expanding our employee engagement programs to ensure that the contributions of our staff are recognised and valued.

SEQUAL will maintain a safe and healthy environment for all clients and employees and will continue to develop and implement programs, response plans, policies, and procedures for the identification of risks and hazards to ensure improvements and compliance with applicable work health and safety regulations.

A People and Culture Advisor is being recruited to assist on the delivery of the People and Culture Operational Plan initiatives. This will allow the team to move into a proactive working space while continuing to provide quality day-to-day HR and WHS support to the organisation.


Nikki Keith

Head of People & Culture