2022 has been an exciting year for the team previously known as Quality, Risk and Compliance; the name change reflects the additional responsibilities being undertaken by the area into 2022 as SEQUAL’s strategic objectives shape the work being delivered.

In addition to leading on continuous improvement and quality initiatives, the team provides high-level complex clinical advice, as required. The Head of Clinical Governance Risk and Compliance has been appointed to Company Secretary, this led to the appointment of a Governance Administrator in mid-2022. The changes in the team reflect the complexities of the work SEQUAL is delivering and position SEQUAL to implement support for people against the outcomes of the strategic plan into 2023.

Our Work

SEQUAL promotes a culture of continuous improvement with the aim that supports, and services meet the highest standards of best practice. SEQUAL is committed to improving quality management systems to optimise the delivery of safe supports for people. Continuous improvement activities in 2022 have included:

  • Completion of internal audits and quality reviews against the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators
  • Focused internal audits against the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators
  • Review of risk assessment approaches, documentation, and data interrogation
  • Review of the client risk management systems and improvements in interrogating data
  • Delivery of training and development across the staff teams
  • Implementation of a formal policy and procedure register and alignment of the quality management system
  • Implementation of policy, procedure, and action to reduce risks associated with COVID-19

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has presented challenges to SEQUAL throughout 2021-22; SEQUAL’s primary aim was to keep people safe. SEQUALs response reflected the legislative requirements of state and federal legislation and our response evolved in response to the changing guidelines, legislation, and community risk. A COVID-19 Triage response plan was adopted as policy; the plan was informed by a risk-assessed approach, this enabled SEQUAL to be agile in responding to the foreseeable risk and managing risk as it evolved, based on evidence and best practice.

Overall, it has been an exciting and busy year for the small team of three people.

Sharon Paley

Head of Quality, Risk & Compliance