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SEQUAL offers individualised, tailored support. All individuals accessing services receive a plan focused on their own needs and wants, allowing us to cater for a wide range of abilities and ensuring participants are engaging in activities and attending events they enjoy and are excited about. Our primary priorities are always the safety, comfort and happiness of individuals, and our care plans are designed to maximise these important outcomes as well as create an environment where individuals feel comfortable and part of a community. Our staff training emphasises empathy and friendliness, as well as a quick-thinking ability to safely handle any situation that might arise.

Our staff are men and women from a variety of backgrounds united by a friendly attitude and a motivated belief in providing quality service. They have access to regular training and support, and work in a positive team environment focused on ensuring the highest standard of care. Our values training has a strong focus on compassion and enthusiasm, which ensures that our staff are always smiling and ready to go in any situation. Our staff develop wonderful relationships with our clients, whose safety and comfort is at all times our staff’s main priority.

Staff training includes values training, meal-time support, manual handling, epilepsy training, stoma care and safe-driving practices and assessment. Additional training is provided on a needs basis, and most of our staff members have or are working towards university level qualifications in education, allied health and nursing.

For specific service information, please refer to links below: