In 2021-22, SEQUAL continued to fulfill its purpose of providing personalised support to achieve inclusion for people and empower individuals with complex disabilities.

Responding to COVID-19 was a dominant theme, with SEQUAL’s highest priority being to protect the health, safety, and well-being of SEQUAL clients and our people during unprecedented circumstances. The year was defined by the exceptional way that SEQUAL rose to the challenges of responding to COVID-19. The Board looks back with pride at how this was managed.

When the Queensland borders re-opened in January 2022, the resulting spike in positive cases of the Omicron variant in the wider community was of major concern. As a Board, we were always confident that everything was being done to protect SEQUAL clients and we are incredibly appreciative of the commitment and effort shown by SEQUAL’s people. The way SEQUAL lived and breathed their values was powerfully evident during this time and I thank each and every person for their efforts.

SEQUAL is on an exciting journey of growth and now supports 83 clients. SEQUAL’s dedication to each client is unparalleled and fills me with pride to know the personalised care and service they receive. SEQUAL must now consolidate this growth to ensure long-term sustainability.

To support this growth, and our CEO Kellie, SEQUAL’s management has evolved over the past 18 months with the recruitment of an executive leadership team. Under this leadership team, SEQUAL has delivered improvements in systems, processes, and policies throughout the organisation, including an uplift in risk maturity and people and culture initiatives.

In the year ahead we will see further efficiencies and enhanced business insights from the implementation of a new Human Resources Information System and improvements to our technology platform. Over the coming year, SEQUAL will continue to focus on fostering a positive risk-based culture, continuous improvement and delivering the highest quality services to clients and their families. We will continue to evolve and improve to ensure we remain well placed to deliver on our purpose in the future but the commitment to the values and culture that are SEQUAL’s foundation will remain.

As a Board, we are committed to continuing to build our own procedures and capabilities to deliver the governance oversight that SEQUAL requires. Thank you to my fellow Board Members for your support and I acknowledge the contribution of our previous chair, Jason Kelly, who resigned during the year after three years.

Change is a constant and for SEQUAL there will be opportunities for us to explore and challenges that need to be overcome. I am excited for what lies ahead and am confident that we are well placed to continue to deliver on our purpose of providing personalised support to include and empower individuals with complex disabilities.

Tim Hayden
Board Chair